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HD Videos Of Hiking The Bukit Tabur East On Jan 2010

Here are some footage of the second hiking trip at Bukit Tabur East. If you are planning for first hiking trip at Bukit Tabur, these videos might able to provide some ideas of how tough or dangerous the journey would be.

Advice for first time hiker to Bukit Tabur East

For those who have never been to 2-3 hours long hiking trip or similar activity that demand great stamina and determination, you should really consider taking staircase more often, at least one week before the trip.

For the novice, seriously consider taking the west trail and forget about the east trail.

Besides, hikers should try not to make so much noise during the hiking trip. When a group of hikers shouting or singing at such altitude, the noise made can easily louder than the natural rhythm such as bird tweet. Even worst is that the birds are frightened to leave.

Instead of enjoying your singing or shouting, why not be good for others who go there to enjoy the natural sounds of breeze, insects, birds, wild animals, etc.
Having experience of noise of hikers in front of us, I realized I made the same mistake and wonder is that why fauna are rarely seen along the hiking trip :-(

High definition videos of Bukit Tabur East Hiking trip

All videos are recorded with Panasonic DMC-TZ7 in AVCHD format (Advanced Video Codec High Definition) and converted to HD mode for hosting at YouTube. So, if you have a good broadband, stream the video in HD playback mode; otherwise, stream it at lower resolution at full screen mode.

Climbing down from the quartz ridge (should be the highest ridge of Bukit Tabur East). Unlike the west trail, the trail head and end is not linked. The east trail is a 2-way route, i.e. same trail is used to reach its end and back to the starting point.

Climbing up is easier than climbing down. It will be very dangerous and more difficult to come down from the peak, if do it without a reliable cordage or rope. For safety, hikers should climb with rope, one hiker at any one time, as no one sure how good the small tree and rope can support the weight of hikers.

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