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How To Re-create Show Desktop Icon On The Quick Launch Toolbar

I have encountered a problem where the “Show Desktop” icon is missing.

For those who used to click this shortcut key to desktop may find that it was actually very convenient. I got no ideal why this icon will disappear from the quick launch toolbar, but it’s fine because I can manually re-create this.

To Do:
1. Open notepad and paste the follow code into it.

2. Then save as Show Desktop.scf
Note : Ensure the file you save is in .scf format.
Suggest : Change the “save as type” drop down value to “All Files” and enter file name [Show Desktop.scf] then save.

3. Move the file you save just now to:
Win XP and above
C:\Documents and Settings\*Username\Application Data\Miscosoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch

Note : You need to enable “Show Hidden File” option before you start moving the file.
* Username = The user name that login to the machine

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