Small Cheese

Image Gallery Of The Half Moon At Near Dusk

A rather close-up shot of the half moon that appears in the clear blue sky while the Sun moving down to the horizon at dusk. There was no cloud at all and the sky looked really blue, just nice as a natural canvas to outline the half Moon.

This is the first time I take photograph of the Moon at daytime, with such detail of moon surface captured by the default telephoto lens kit of Sony Alpha 200. That trigger my good old desire of having a telescope again for a better look and feel :-)
The moon surface taken by Sony Alpha 200 DSLR powered with the default telephoto lens kit.Image of the half moon that appears before the sun goes down.Photoshopped the original shot of the half at near dusk to appear as if it was taken at night.A little touch-up applied for the image of half moon appears at daytime, by adjusting the contrast and brightness.

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