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Image Gallery Of Bukit Tabur West Flora – Taken On 2008-06-28

Here are some of the photographs taken on 28th of Jun 2008. These series of images are about the flora observed along the Bukit Tabur West hiking trail. While some of them grow in wild naturally, some are actually cultivated by mankind in orchard at downhill.

The durian and petal, for example, are two of the seasonal and valuable crops. For those who hike there during the durian and petai season will likely see the flower or baby these tropical crops on trees.
The yellow-orange lichen growing on the rock surface can be seen all year round along the Bukit Tabur West hiking trail.Mountain weed and lichen on the Bukit Tabur West hiking trail.This is mountain weed or can be classified as one type of lichen?The durian, also known as King of the fruits, growing on the stem of the tropical fruit tree. The durian is a season and valuable crop, especially in Southeast Asia, with some special cultivars that are quite expensive for average consumer.The baby jackfruit growing on the stem.I am not is this the legendary plant, tongkat ali, that is well-known for aphrodisiac.The lime tree and fruits, cultivated at orchard near the Bukit Tabur West downhill.Another seasonal fruit, which is known as langsat in Malaysia or lanzones in the Philippines.Langsat tree and fruit cultivated in orchard at the Bukit Tabur West downhill.A fruit fly resting on the langsat fruit. The scientific name of langsat is Lansium domesticum.A large jackfruit on the trunk, should be ready for harvest.The baby durian. The durian is said ripe and good for consume when it falls off the stem naturally.Are these the edible wild blueberry growing in the tropical zone? I am afraid not and most likely can kill a bird after eaten!The mangosteen, also known as Queen of the fruits, is also a seasonal crop that bearing fruit at the same time as the durian season. The mangosteen is considered to have cooling properties and thus the local usually take mangosteen after eaten the durian which is said to have warming propertiesAnyone know the name of these little flowers that have multiple color in a blossom?The petai on tree.The baby petai on tree.The blossom of petai on tree. Before the Bukit Tabur hiking trip, I had never seen the flower of petai.Another image of the unknown, little purple fruit.Little blossom of the princess flower.Little grasshoppe prepare to jump.Blossom of the princess flower going to open soon.The princess flower growing in the wild.These little red fruits are eye catcher, aren't they?If not mistaken, this is called foliose lichens, which growing outward on the rock surface while dying in the center. Hence, one can judge the age of this kind of lichen by its diameter. A size as this is said to be at least several decades old.Another shot of foliose lichen taken by Sony Alpha 200 at Bukit Tabur West hiking trail.This unknown tree looks outstanding to me from far. The leaves are less green as compare to others around it.I was told that these tree leaves are good for making for tea leaves.The yellow-orange lichen growing on the rock.Another shot of yellow-orange lichen growing on the rock by Sony Alpha 200 DSLR.I kinda like the shot of lichen, if you ask why there are many shots of this little plant.Mountain weed or lichen, anyone knows about this plant? It never gives up growing even on a little crack between rocks.I believe that is a trail of ants. What do you say?Wild orchid growing at Bukit Tabur West.Yet another image of little plants growing on the ground of Bukit Tabur West.Lichen growing on the trunk of tree.Giant leaf.Under the shade of giant leave is cool.A branch of unknown tree with giant leaves.One of unknown tree growing next the cliff of Bukit Tabur West.Cluster of tree growing near the cliff of Bukit Tabur West hiking trailAnother shot of cluster of tree growing near the cliff of Bukit Tabur West hiking trailThe twisty trunk of tree growing on the Bukit Tabur hiking trail.The trunk and stem of tree at Bukit Tabur hiking trail.The focal black and white trick used to highlight the little red fruit. If you know of it name, kindly leave me a comment.Is this the tongkat ali plant that used as traditional medicine for aphrodisiac?All yellow-orange lichen growing on the Bukit Tabur hiking trail.Just another photograph about the lichen.Lichen growing on the rotten stem.The green mountain weeds or lichen?Twisty trunk of tree observed on the Bukit Tabur West hiking trail? Is this caused by strong wind?

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