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Last Christmas Gift – Mini Cooper Remote Radio Control Car

This is the first and most expensive car I ever have. Thank you so much to friend who gifted this Mini Cooper, my dream car, for the last Christmas day.

In line with the green vehicle idea, this China-made Mini Cooper is running battery instead of bio-fuel. The cost per mileage, however, is not cheaper than burning bio-fuel, as the battery-powered vehicle technology is still at infancy stage (not that cost-effective as you expected).

Anyway, I kinda like it on display in front of my CPU :-).
Chine-made remote radio control car required 8 unit AA size batteries to run the Mini Cooper.Front view of Mini Cooper, the remote radio control car that I received for last Christmas gift.The side view of Mini Cooper S. The mini tyres are soft type, attached to struts with suspension system. No joke, it is fit and good for running on uneven surface!The rear view of Mini Cooper S.Full side view of Mini Cooper S, a remote radio control car that built according to scale of 1:9.Mini Cooper S, the remote radio control car, requires 8 units of AA size batteries to run the car and 1 unit of 9V battery to power the remote control.

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