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Why The Download Speed Is Different With The Broadband Package

I believe most of the user who are not from IT field may confuse with the download speed they obtain, because the speed appears in the download engine (62.5KB/S) is different with the speed of the package (512Kbps).

Before I start explaining, I would like to give some general information regarding the computer networking world. The term Bit and Byte are the common term that use in computer networking and both refer to digital data transmitted over a network connection.

Now let’s see the Unit of Measurement

1 Byte = 8 bit
1KB = 1024Byte

And let’s begin the conversion for the download speed

Download Speed (Package) = 512Kbps
Download Speed (Download Engine) = ?

1. (512*1000)/8 = 64000 Byte
2. 64000/1024 = 62.5KB

Therefore why you always see the figure 62.5 appears and not the speed as highlighted by the broadband provider 512.

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