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Hiking Bukit Tabur From Klang Gates Dam At Taman Melawati

Bukit Tabur is few of the easily access hiking spot nearby the jungle of concrete. From Google Maps, you can located the Bukit Tabur hiking trail at latitude: 3°14’1.52″N and longitude: 101°44’55.43″E.

Although there are number of fatal accidentals happen every years during the hiking trip, we the tough guys and few sporty ladies concurred to make a trip at least once in our life.

After taking roti canai at mamak restaurant next to Giant supermarket at Taman Permata, we drove toward Taman Melawati to reach the Klang Gates Dam – the starting point of hiking Bukit Tabur, a.k.a. 水晶山 (Crystal Hill) among Chinese as it is a quartz ridge. It is also known locally as Bukit Hangus.
The langsat fruit on the way of coming down from the Bukit Tabur.The baby petai growing on the tree can also be found on the Bukit Tabur hiking trail during the petai season.The flower of petai. The petai bean is my favourite dish since childhood. Petai is a plant of the genus Parkia in the family Fabaceae. While Malaysian called it petai, it is known by others as Parkia speciosa, bitter bean, sataw, twisted cluster bean, yongchaa, yongchaak, zawngtah or stink bean.There is no way you can walk leisurely during the Bukit Tabur hiking trip. Besides stamina, you must not fear of height or suffer acrophobia.One of the climbing spot in the Bukit Tabur hiking trail.The Klang Gates Dam view taken from the first stop at Bukit Tabur.The other ridge nearby the Bukit Tabur. If not mistaken, there are known as Bukit Tabur East.A colony of black ants found at Bukit Tabur hiking trail.Unknown flower or fruit observed on the way down from Bukit Tabur. Please could you leave a comment for the name of this plant if you know it?I suppose this is one kind of lichen, found along the Bukit Tabur hiking trail. Please correct me the name of this flora if you know it.

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  1. Devil 17-01-10 17:41

    Bukit Tabur is quite challenging!!! we spent 6hours to complete it!!!! @@…no next time.. =P