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To Make Free Call From Internet

Most of the messengers only allow to call from PC to PC, and how can I make a call to mobile phone or fixed line?

Some time if your parent is in oversea or your love is having a business trip where re-allocate to some other country, you may miss their voice and try to make a call to them sending your regards, therefore using a free online call is needed. There are many tools you can use and the most common tool is Window Live Messenger, However it only allow you to call from PC to PC. Besides Live messenger like skype, it allow you calling to fixed line but with charges. Below are some URL i found and nice to use.

1. 12voip
2. budgetsip
3. freecall
4. internetcalls
5. lowratevoip

You can get more from the search engine if these not meet your need.

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