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How To Convert Document To PDF File

Everyday we need to use many paper to print out our daily documentation, but where did you keep this all documents? Is that the place you keep the document save from fire? With this circumstance how can I solve it?

The simplest way to help you converting the document is using the tool “PDF995”. There are two installers you require to download (Converter and Print Driver). First, you require installing the printer driver follow by the converter installer. You can use it for free of charge but it will prompt you to purchase each time you use it.

After you installed the software then open your document and click print (make sure your printer is set to PDF995) it will print the selected document to PDF. The soft-copy is similar as what you will see if printed in paper. Some time if the document not necessary to be printed then convert it as PDF is quite useful and convenient. Imagine you printed in paper and keep in drawer for few years, it may become “yellow page” if one day you taken it out to refer. Furthermore, saving the PDF file in hard disk will not use up many storage spaces compare with keeping the hard-copy. The PDF file have a quite high security protection which hard to be decrypted, hence I found that some company send the PDF copy with attached a digital signature to it as a sign-off copy.

There is not only 1 tool can convert document to PDF file but this is the one that I use for quite a long time.

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