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How to Speed Up Firefox

If you are Mozilla Firefox supporter of course you may notice that it will work a bit slow after using it for few weeks (depend on your browsing activity).Why?

It happens due to the fragmentation of profile databases. Firefox (and sometimes it’s add-ons) uses SQLITE databases to store lots of its settings. By the time the databases grow and Firefox starts working slowly. To solve it you may need help from a tool called “Speedyfox”. With a simple click, the tool will clean up all the rubbish or decrease the database size. After the fine tune you will get a newly-installed feel where the speed has totally been improved.

The step is very simple
1. Open the tool and select your profile (Depend on how many profiles you have.)
2. Click on the “Speed Up My Firefox” button to do the Optimization (The whole optimization process is safe as it does not effect your history, bookmarks and passwords).

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