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The Tool That Can Monitor CPU And HDD Temperature

Start with Intel Pentium 4, i found my computer temperature has been increased to 53’C which is a bit higher than the older Pentium. Some time if I playing game like Warcraft III it can go up to 65’C or even higher, therefore I have to look for a tool to monitor my computer temperature and alert me when it’s over the acceptable level.

Motherboard Monitor is a tool that read information from the sensor chip on the motherboard. The tool can be used to sense the CPU temperature, HDD temperature and Fan speed. There is a configuration that allows determining what action to be taken if the CPU is overheated. The default action is to shut down the machine if CPU is overheated. If a machine without monitoring and run overheated for long hours the machine may damage or will shorten hardware lifetime.

With the help of the tool, I can play the game for few hours without worrying the temperature because the tool can assist to monitor the temperature and alert me if overheated.

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