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Sharpen Your Memory And Not Be Forgetful

Today I heard news regarding the people who are forgetful. As we know, we may facing this issue when we are getting old. Today this problem not only happen to the older person but it also happens to the younger group. Are you one of them?

With the advanced technology today, the human become lazy. Why? Let me show you 1 common example like calculator, we like to use it to do calculation even as simple as 66*5. If we fully depending on the electronic tools it will cause our brain become lazy. I am not an expert therefore I may not be able to assist you solving the problem but perhaps you can try the ways below to sharpen your memory.

1. Try not to use calculator for simple calculation, so that your brain will not be lazy.
2. Keep on doing exercise like jogging can make your brain better function.
3. Limit alcohol use, because heavy drinking may cause your memory loss or permanent damage.
4. Don’t keep yourself working under pressure for long hours. Although we need to work to survive but we also need to take care our health.
5. Playing game, because it is actually testing your reaction when something happen to you and how you respond within a short period.

There are also other causes of memory loss like pregnancy, because brain-cell volume actually decreases during the third trimester of pregnancy.

We really can’t predict what will happen but at least we can do something to prevent, therefore you have to keep yourself healthy and stay away from sick. How sad you are if you loss all your happiness memory.

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