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Media Player For Nokia N82

Every smart phone we purchase will come with a music player, but is that default player fulfills your needs?

I have a phone N82 and recently I transferred 500MB of song into the phone extended memory chip, I found that the player actually can not let me loading song from which folder I like. The player only display all the song I have in a long list, with this I have to filter off which is phone ringtone and MP3 song. Perhaps I am not familiar with the tool.

I used it for few weeks and I decided to look for another player to replace it. I came across many forum, website, blog, and finally I found my favorite player which I still using today. The player is 《天天动听》from ttpod and it is currently only support Chinese language. This player is free of charge. There are some feature I love such as it allows user to load song from intended folder, hence I only need to put all songs into 1 folder and convenient for me to manage the file. It also allows user to play song in background, so that the user can do other thing and listen song at the same time.

I was very happy getting this player. I hope that you will love it too after trying.

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