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How To Run QTP Script In Maintenance Mode

By default the maintenance and update run mode are disabled, what do I need in order to make it enable.

After you prepared the QTP script, of course you need to execute to ensure the script is workable. There are three running mode available – Run, Maintenance Run and Update Run.

Run Mode – Allow user to execute the script in normal mode.
Maintenance Mode – When you execute QuickTest runs your test, and then guides you through the process of updating your steps and object repository each time it encounters a step it cannot perform due to an object repository discrepancy.
Update Run – Update changed information for checkpoints or the Active Screen, or to change the set of identification properties used to identify the objects in your application.

In order to you utilize these features you need a Script Debugger which you can obtain from Microsoft. After the debugger successfully installed you can start using it. The maintenance mode quite helpful for me because some time the object changed, then I can straight updating it and continue the testing.

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