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How To Help Save The Earth

Earth (or the Earth) is the third planet from the Sun, Earth is the only place in the universe where life is known to exist. It was a home to millions of species including human, but how can we help save the earth?

Taking care of the earth is our responsibility, because if we lost it meaning we are lost too. It can’t be success if just only contributes by some us, therefore things like listed below may be helpful and really need your support to make it works.

1. Stop using plastic bag when you purchase from hypermarket, you can bring your own recycle bag/basket/ trolley.

2. Don’t start your car and let it idle except in traffic jam, it was advisable to drive your car once the engine started, because if you let your car idle the fuel will not burn completely and generate more monoxide to the air.

3. If possible then leave your car at home, it can prevent air pollution and save fuel. Some time walk for short distance can take it as exercise as well like going to the shops just 10 minute walk.

4. If not a sunny day and possible don’t turn your air-condition on. It can save energy and prevent air pollution from the gas release by air-condition.

5. If possible each house plant a tree in front or protect our forest by don’t illegally cutting down the tree. The forest can help us absorb the monoxide to reduce the risk of global warming.

6. Don’t burn the plastic bag, because it will generate a toxic gas to the air and cause the human getting cancer. You can dig a hole then put all in and cover it with soil.

7. Subscribe for e-statement for your credit card, phone bill, air ticket and whatever is available. You subscription is actually save from cutting down the tree. It can save you from paying extra to request the hard copy.

There are many others way that we can contribute and you are encouraged to share and make it works.

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