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The First In The World Develop USB Storage Device

I believe every teenager should have using the USB storage device (Pen Drive), but did anyone know who is the first in the world develop this mini USB storage device?

Here we talk about the USB storage device, many of us including me using the device for more than 5 years but don’t know who is the first to develop this useful tool. I just know recently and I was shocked when I heard this device was developed by a Chinese called Pua Khein Seng who is a Malaysian.

After he completed his Master, he worked in a local company for about six months before deciding to setup a new company. The new company Phison Electronics Corporation is formed with 4 other engineers who had studied with him. With their confident and effort they manage to develop and launch the product within 6 months. There is nothing we can’t do but whether you want to move the first step or not.

Without their idea there will not have a technology for 16GB of USB storage device which we are using now. His contribution is much appreciated.

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