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What Kind Of Services You Expected To Receive

Some time we as a consumer we really don’t know how does the wireless broadband providers justify their connection speed and quality?

In a competitive world, who can gain more customers in the market who is the winner, but did you able to provide satisfactory services to this group of customers? Servicing line is different with sales where it can not just focus on the quantitative but qualitative. If you manage to gain 80% of customer from the market but providing low quality services, do you think the customer still willing to continue taking your services? People surely will change to other provider where can provide better and reliable service than currently.

Recently in Malaysia there is a hot promotion where 1 party persuades people to “potong” to experience the fastest connectivity and cut the lag, whereas the other party defends that why “potong” because they already are the most stable, and the fastest. As you can see both party only focusing to the statistic (total of customer) but never think that whether can handle such huge group of customer or not. Some time I call to make a report regarding to the service downtime and slow connectivity, normally I will be informed that the speed is depending on weather, your living location, the distance from the your house to the nearest server and many many others reason but I can’t accept this as a good excuse.

Some wireless broadband provider even stated the fair usage rules where will block P2P download and not allow using download engine like bittorrent, emule and etc to download. Other than that there is also a term and condition highlighted that to limit your monthly usage that can not more that 3GB or 5GB, if exceeded they may reserve the right to reject or charge for any additional data volume. How funny for the volume limit? Imagine you watch online movie, playing online game, listen song, facebook, youtube, and login the messenger I guess with less than 1 month already hit the quota.

I really don’t know wait until when they really can improve the services and deliver good quality and reliable services.

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