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Did You Check Your Mobile Prepaid Balance Recently?

As per title above, how frequently you check your mobile prepaid balance? Recently I checked and found my balance had been deducted without my awareness.

My prepaid service provider is “Cxxcxm” that’s quite famous in Malaysia, because I seldom make call from this simcard therefore I just check the balance once in a month. Few days ago, when I tried to subscribe the prepaid daily broadband and only be notified the request is unsuccessful due to insufficient balance.

I remember there is a balance of Rm20 and should be sufficient for me to subscribe the daily broadband which just cost me only RM6. What’s wrong? Then I quickly sent another balance inquiry and it returned me RM0.64. I was shock with the balance I received. I was not satisfied with the balance and make a call to check the balance, another shock for me because the balance is RM0.65. Then I really got no idea and connected to the online portal to check my transaction history to find out what transaction being charged. From the usage detail option, I manage to retrieve all my recently transaction and the balance is RM 20.15.

As you can see the balance I received from the “SAME” service provider (perhaps I requested to 3 service provider, Interesting!), can you imagine how advanced the server platform and technology design they are. I surely vote that the DBA and all the IT infra team for this company is the BEST that I never seen before. They so advanced until storing the customer balance into 3 tables with all different figures. What I can think is their system possible calling 3 different store procedure to 3 different tables and sending 3 different balance to the customer. Is that funny? The amount is totally different. That figure is not just a numeric number but is MONEY. What if one day you check your account balance via the bank internet banking and find your balance disappears? This is a very serious production case.

Here I would take this opportunity to strongly advise those mobile prepaid user, please do the following steps in case that happen to you next.

1. Check your balance everyday if possible.
2. Check your balance after each call made if possible.
3. Register the online statement so that you can keep track all your call usage transaction and show to them as prove.
4. Top up your prepaid by monthly basis, in case the service provider not to refund, you also not lost that much.

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