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How To Setup Your Hotmail Account In Outlook

Did you know that you are actually allowed to set up your hotmail account in office outlook?

Everyone will at least has 1 email address, but some time connecting to the mail server may quite heavy if your mailbox has utilized more than 80% or there is network congestion or mail server down for maintenance. What to do if I need to check mail urgently?

To ignore this troublesome problem, the best option is to download and store in your local machine. As of latest marketing research on Sept 2009, the most popular free email provider are Yahoo! Mail, Microsoft’s Hotmail, Gmail; but only some provider allow user to setup in office outlook, thunderbird or others tool. Today, Hotmail had re-activated the feature where allow user to setup account in outlook to convenient the user downloading the email from the server with free of charge. This may indirectly increase hotmail user because Yahoo didn’t offer this unless you upgraded to Yahoo Mail Plus which cost you $20 per year.

The steps of setting up is easy, first you need to go to Microsoft website and download a tool called “Microsoft Office Outlook Connector “and install (pre-requisite must have office outlook installed) then you should be able to use it. No setting or configuration is needed but the only thing you need to provide is your login ID and Pasword. Once installation is done the outlook will automatic connecting to the mail server and downloading your mail to local drive. You have no worries about the network congestion or mail server down circumstances anymore because you can check your mail anytime from your hard drive after your machine power on.

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