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How To Recover File That Accidentally Deleted

To all computer users from beginner to advanced user, you may or may not encounter a situation where the file accidentally deleted. How do we recover if we already empty the recycle bin?

Once it happened you may quickly connect to internet and search for the tools that can assist you or call up your friend for advice. If you search from internet there may have more than hundred of result links return. The links you click will direct you to some shareware or freeware website for downloading the tool according to your request. You may not sure which is the helpful tool and end up you have to install all the tools on your machine and try one by one. Same thing happened to me and finally I came across a website and found my lovely tool called “Recuva”. It is a very powerful tool and also free of charge that can use with no expiration.

– The first page is the welcome page; you can ignore it by checking the checkbox “Do not show this wizard on startup”. After you checked it will route you to the setting page for next startup but I suggest you do not disable it, because the welcome page integrated with the step by step instruction and convenient to follow.

Recuva Startup Page
Recuva Startup Page

– After you click next, the program will prompt you a list of option or type of file you would like to recover. If you confusing then I would advise you to select last option “Other”. It will recover whatever file as possible; of course if you just wanna recover picture, music or video, you can select the appropriate option respectively.

Recuva - File Type Selection Page
Recuva - File Type Selection Page

– The next page, you need to specify in which location of the file you need the tool scan for. I prefer to use last option to scan C drive because before the file is permanently deleted it actually stored in C drive recycle bin unless the file size too large and reach the maximum size of recycle bin then system will delete immediately without moving to recycle bin.

Recuva - File Location Selection Page
Recuva - File Location Selection Page

– The last step is actually requested you to fill up the last advanced setting before you start scanning, you might need to check the checkbox “Enable Deep Scan” if your first scan fail to recover your file, but I advise you check it as default for every scan to prevent repeating the step again.

Recuva -  Deep Scaning Setting Page
Recuva - Deep Scaning Setting Page

– After the scan completed, a list of deleted file will be shown. From the list you can check on the checkbox for the file you would like to recover.

Recuva - Recovery Page
Recuva - Recovery Page

State column
a. Excellent – chances can be recovered are high. (80% – 100%)
b. Poor – Still can recover but chances are low. (60% – 100%)
c. Very Poor – Chances are very low. (40% – 60%)
d. Unrecoverable – Cannot recover. (0% – 40%)
*The percentage above is my own assumption as for reference only and may not correct in actual.

– After chosen the file then click on the recover button, a popup window is shown to let you choose where to keep your recovery file.

– Once you confirm the location the tool will start recovery. After the process done, you will be able to browse your file in the selected folder.

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