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QTP 10 License Check

If you have experiencing of QTP version 10, you may find that this version may bring you some inconvenient during startup. Why?

Once you trigger the application, first it will send request to the server (If you are connecting as concurrent license) to retrieve the valid license key, not all addin need to be validated but some like .Net, Oracle, Web services and so on are needed. With this implementation, some time I need for almost 2 minutes to go through the valid license checking, and some time take longer due to the slow broadband connectivity. Logically if the license server located in the same business environment shouldn’t be slow, the reason for my case is the QTP server located in US. Some time I was very angry because when I rushing thing and after waiting for 2 minutes end up the server return invalid license to stop me to continue. I got no choice and have to re-run the tool again to get license in order to proceed.

HP implements this checking to prevent the software being cracked for illegal use, but this feature has indirectly created a problem to the user where user need to spend time to wait for the license validation. Besides that, if the server is down, there is no way you can continue to launch the tool for testing until the server is up.

I not sure whether it is a good implementation to protect the software copyright but what I found it is not convenient and time consuming for the license checking if I on and off the tool for more than 4 times which transform 8 minutes for this unproductive activity. Hope the system admin can do some configuration to improve the network speed so that can validate faster.

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  1. Chris 23-12-09 01:19

    I am having similar issue, however, it only occurs on one of my two host machines. I am trying to figure out why one is able to license in a few seconds, while the other takes over two minutes.

    Let me know if any info is found please. Thanks!

  2. nooneknow2009 13-01-10 16:35

    Hi, I found a scenario that can faster the validation process by deactivate the antivirus program. My office is using Symantec server antivirus, I found that after I deactivated the antivirus program the QTP can be validated very fast. My colleague having the same experience, perhaps you can try this out see whether can fix your problem. Good luck!

  3. Nirmal Kumar 28-07-10 20:58

    Hi when i start QTP intially it used to give a blue progress for checking license QTP but now it is giving a gray progress bar in the dialog checking license for QTP. After that it is giving the add in manager and if i click OK its giving a blank Grey screen. Can some one please let me know hat the issue was and how to fix it.