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How you find the error information generated by QTP?

Below is a sample code that QTP confusing me regarding the error encounter.

I developed a test script using QTP 10, after I completed for 800 lines of code and I was shocked when i save the file, because the tools throw quite a long list of error on the page due to a normal human mistake where I space up the “else if” as you can refer to the screenshot below at line 127. The error description and line number is misleading me, because it never pointed the error accurately otherwise it can save my debugging time.

Taking with this example, I wouldn’t expect it can straightly point to the line 127 where the error occurs but at least to narrow down the affected area. It listed a long list of error and I find is helpless for me and I can’t effectively fix it by referring to the error description. In order to make the information more meaningful, the tools should point the error to “If…else….End if”. I guess this was more making sense to the user to find the error and correct it within a short time.

Perhaps I still a beginner and not familiar of reading the description. Anyway, just to share some finding to friends and those using the tools. Nice day.

Useless Error Information
Useless Error Information

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