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How To Open Traditional Chinese File

Why I can’t read the traditional Chinese character?

Last night I downloaded some text file from china website which written in traditional Chinese, I open the text with notepad and it shows me special character, first I thought I have not install yet the Chinese language onto my PC , then I go to control panel and check it out. I found the language already installed but why still I can’t read it? (Already change the system language to retrieve Chinese PRC).

I tried for some notepad tools like Notepad++, WordPad and so on, but it still showing the special character. Finally I tried open up with IE8, I feel disappointed because the text still can’t be translated, then I got no choice and right click the mouse and select “Encoding” follow by more and select “Chinese Traditional (BIG5)”, Magic! It translates the language and display nicely in IE.

Hmm……Wonder why it can’t translate the file since the system already set to Chinese PRC,luckily can view in browser.

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