Small Cheese

What If There Are Really Ghosts?

Think aloud 1

If there are ghosts, what is Albert Einstein doing in the afterworld?

Did he meet up with Isaac Newton and work together to bring the modern physics to a greater height?

Has he successfully built a time machine or engine that travels faster than the speed of light, since ghost never constrained by human desire of eat, sleep, shit, pee, etc?

Think aloud 2

If there are really ghosts, I might want to join the evils, if I will go to the hell, to do something really bad that I don’t dare to do now while I am alive.

If I will be in the heaven, then I wish to work with Albert Einstein to bridge the two greatest theories in modern physics – the Relative theory and the Quantum theory.

Think aloud 3

If there are really ghosts, I think my enemies in the afterworld must have known what I did in the last summer. They might even have seen my bared body, inch by inch, while I taking bath :-(

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