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How To Tap Electricity From Telephone Line?

If you wonder why land-line telephone service provider (telco in short) charging you monthly “rental” fee, you may be surprised to know that part of the fee is to pay electricity for keeping the fixed-line telephone powered on 24 hours x 7 days. (FYI, telephone needs electricity to operate or transmit voice signals over copper wire.)

Another Kipkay’s video in YouTube perfectly demonstrates a useful trick to tap this paid but not fully used electricity to power on a LED lamp!

As the phone line electricity is available all days and paid, I am really interested to apply this trick soon to power on the low wattage sleeping lamp or staircase guiding lamp rather than paying additional to electricity provider.

In case of normal electricity interrupted/brought down by storm, the telephone line electricity is absolutely useful for emergency lighting in the dark night, even the battery of standby lamp goes flat eventually!
Caution: Make sure it’s legal to apply this hack for your telephone line. You may be surprised again if your telco or landlord charge you for this “illegal” modification!

As shown in the video, the only electronic components to tap phone line electricity are only 4, namely LM317L 3-terminal adjustable regulator, KBP210 silicon bridge rectifier, 510 OHM resistor, and 240 OHM resistor:

Circuit diagram to tap telephone line electricity.
Screenshot taken from Kipkay’s video posted to YouTube

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