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How To Make The World Loudest Alarm Clock?

Seriously, I don’t fancy an alarm clock that wakes me up from dream with high pitch splitting tone. Having that kind of alarm clock is just like being woken up by nightmare in the wee hour, not only gaining heartbeat rate but also make a day worst than usual :-(

That’s my personal view and preference. You might not agree, at least this guy who published the following video to YouTube.

If you’re kind of people who can sleep everywhere and hard to be woken up by “ordinary” alarm clock, kipkay’s modified alarm clock should be yours – instead of count on the default alarm clock speaker, replace it with a super loud electric horn to drag you out of dream land!
Caution: Make sure the end user could really sustain the pressure of ear-splitting sounds emitting from high decibel speaker/horn! For funk or people with heart-illness, kipkay’s dual 140dB electric horn could keep them “sleeping forever” in their dream land!!!

I am thinking that, would it be a good idea to make one of this for the year end Christmas gift exchange program (sure the recipient will remember me :-)

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