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How To Hide Secret In A Book On The Shelf?

I stumble upon another Kipkay’s video in YouTube, after watching the hack version of super loud alarm clock. So, what is this about?

To some or many of you, it’s not a NEW trick of keeping secret (b lue movies, pocket money, love letter, etc) inside a book on the shelf. Indeed, you might have seen it many times in the dramas/Blockbusters. However, Kipkay make this old trick alive with a new meaning – to be a “sexy” secret book for girl, as a Valentine gift that probably not easily purchase off the shelf!

The hard-cover book not only storing the secret but also hidden inside is a voice recording module. Having said that, your pre-recorded love letter (make it short but precisely sweet) will read out as the book cover opened. How sweet (I am sure even slut will adore it, if you really that naughty :-)

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