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Balance Life Time

I found that most of the people don’t know how to achieve balance life time, why i say that?

To discover the answer is easy if  you just look around your friend and colleague. You will find in their world only have work, work and also work, and they think work without clearing leave is good attitude to show they are hardworking, and normally when come to the year end they find that many leaves have not been cleared, some company may allow staff to convert into cash and with amount less than their daily salary (That was the normal practice in my company).

In here, what i am trying to bring up is to advise those people please don’t continue work like foolish, because our life time is limited and noone can predict what will happen in next second. We are human but not robot, even robot run without servicing or stop for “sleeping”, it also will hang or overheat and end up you need to pay more to replace/repair.

Below is a simple formula that can support my point above. Hope that those have read this article will change your mind to spend more of your time with your family, rest or do something can let yourself relax.

X and Y both have monthly salary 3000 with 2 days paid leave each.

X work without clearing leave and convert leave to cash which is 80 per day, and end of month X will get 3160

3000 (work 30 days) + 160 (converted from leave) = 3160

Y work with clearing 2 days leave, and end of month Y will get 3000

From the above, you will find that X is earning more $ but actually not, why? please see…..

Daily salary for X = 3160/30
= 105.33

Daily salary for Y = 3000/28
= 107.14

X work more and get more pressure than Y but less salary than Y.

Healthy life can save you to live longer

You want to be X or Y, just make a decision and life will change.

“Rest can keep you walk farther”

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