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Wandering KLCC Botanic Garden And Park

If you happen to visit or shop at Suria KLCC, do remember take some times to explore the little tropical botanic garden and park that is just next to the shopping complex.

Equipped with fountain, children playing pool, jogging track, tropical plants and trees, etc, the KLCC garden and park is no doubt a great place to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life or enjoy the natural breeze and trees’ shelter that cooling down equatorial atmosphere.

Here are some of photos that I’d taken during the last weekend:

KLCC Garden - Fruits that look like palm oil seed or young coconut.
Are these palm oil fruit or young coconut?

KLCC garden and park - the tree where I found the fruits that look like palm oil fruit or young coconut
The tree that full of fruits – look like palm oil fruit or young coconut.

KLCC garden and park - A bee that is busy looking for food.
The bee is busy looking for flower honey.

KLCC garden and park - beautiful flower that watered by morning drizzle
The flower watered by morning drizzle.

KLCC garden and park - besides bee, ant is also busy looking for its food for lunch.
Not only bee is looking for honey; the ant is also busy looking for food.

KLCC garden and park - These fruits look attractive like a peach, but might be poisonous as there is no bird or squirrel had a bite on them.
A lesson that said, “fruits that are not bitten by bird or squirrel might be poisonous”.

KLCC garden and park - the fruit that looks like a peach is pending to ripen
The fruit that looks like a peach before ripen to red color.

KLCC garden and park - the tree that full of heart-shaped, red color seeds.
The tree with heart-shaped, red color seeds.

KLCC garden and park - The Saga tree or the Sandal Bead tree that drops the heart-shaped, red color seeds on floor.
The tree that drops those heart-shaped, red color seeds is indeed called the Saga tree or Sandal Bead tree (scientific name Adenanthere pavonina).

KLCC garden and park - a closer look of Saga seed, the heart-shaped seed in red color could be a gift of love agreement!
A closer look on the Saga seeds – they’re in red color and heart-shaped. Young couples used to collect these lovely seeds as their love agreement gift. (So, go there and collect some of these seeds for your memory!)

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  1. SmallCheese 28-12-10 19:06

    The flower is called Thunbergia grandiflora.

  2. James 01-05-15 13:50

    I visited Africa and fell in love with the trees that drop those red seeds. I brought some home to try to propagate but was unsuccessful. Can you help me get more of these seeds to try to grow? I love them.