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The Greatest Love Of Mother That You Might Not Want

Touching news happen every days, everywhere that tell people how great a woman is in this beautiful planet that called the Earth!

But, you may not willing to have her greatest love in a situation where she has to sacrifice herself in return of a baby life, as what we’ve seen or read in the news related to SiChuan fatal earthquake in China lately.
A fatal earthquake measured at a magnitude of 8 had brought the hell to the peaceful land of SiChuan on 12th of May, at 14:28:04.

Baby, Remember I Love You

News reported that a woman wrote this message in her cellphone before she died:

“Baby, if you alive, remember that I love you!”

Rescuers found the great mother who kneed down to protect her infant in chest from the rubble that killed her. God bless the infant to be saved alive, as what her greatest mother had wished and prayed for.

Rescuers cheered for another life they’d managed to find, but were greatly affected to cry later as they read the message in that cellphone found at the back of the infant.

Sorry dude, if you can’t understand Mandarin, ask your peers to translate for you or get Google to translate this forum post.

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May the infant grow up as a great man to reward what the greatest mother had gave!

A Respect Given To His Wife

A man in his middle of age had given the best of what he learnt about “respect” to his wife who died in the fatal natural disaster. The news (translated) reported that the man tied the dead wife to his back, riding on motorbike to the funeral parlour.

A middle-age Chinese man tied the dead wife to his back, rides on a motorbike to the funeral parlor - a sad news from SiChuan fatal earthquake.

Greatest Policewomen 031526

She has just given birth six months ago, then she leaves her infant to parents and joins the forces for SiChuan post-disaster rescue works. As she find out so many infants running out of food, this great policewoman give them a desperate breast feeding to fill the little hungry stomach.

Policewoman volunteer breast feeding for those infants who running out of food in SiChuan earthquake.Dead Mother Bread feeding Her Infant

This is no douth another most sadness and affecting news (translated by Google) that I’ve read so far. A woman who believed alive in the rubble was trying to give her last drop of breast feeding before she was called home by the God!

No picture of this, but you can imagine how the scene looked as the rescuers found them in the rubble!

According to them, the corpse of the lady had already harden for some times and felt cold as touched. But, the infant is just too little to understand that her kind mother had gone and still sucking her breast for milk. The infant cried terrible as they removed the little life from the corpse!

Dude, a song called “Island of Love” dedicated to all great women and mothers!

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