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Boy Asked For Cola After Out Of Rubble In SiChuan Earthquake

Rescuers are really cheered to save life again, one after another, from the rubble and debris of the fatal earthquake that bring hell to SiChuan in China.

Among the sad news reported from SiChuan/China, here is one that bring little joy (Google translated)!

The first thing that a boy asked for was a cold cola drink, after the rescuers saved him out from the collapse building.

However, his reaction has brought much discussion on the China forums, i.e he likes foreign product, he is staff of cola drink manufacturer and so take chance to promote the drink, he took chance to win himself a cola endorsement contact, etc.

Well, whatever the purposes that he might have in mind, but the God has blessed him to live for his remaining of life! And I think the cola drink producers should have certainly thinking of him to endorse their soft drink!

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