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Visual Test To Prove Your IQ Score Is Above 160

Due to the damn busy works and a week vacation (to compensate the hectic life) on a public area that is out of Net access points… almost stagnant!

Thank god that the Small Cheese No 1 (that’s me) still alive and make a new post today! The rest of Small Cheese, where are you?

Again, this is another Gmail junk forwarded to me. According to the footnote, if you happen to see the dancing silhouette turns in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions, your IQ score (Intelligence Quotient) might be above 160!

Visual Illusion of a dancing silhouette turning in both direction…
If you see this lady turning in clockwise then your right brain is much active than the left brain, and vice versa. Some people do see her turning in both directions, but most people see it only one way. If you see both ways, your IQ score is above 160 (which suggest that you’re almost a genius!)

Do I see the lady turning in both ways? Yes, I do (but I’m certainly not a genius. The author of the GIF, however, is a genius).

Hint to you, the GIF is just a purposely crafted graphic to create an illusion, i.e. it’s an Optical Illusion (a.k.a Visual Illusion).

If you stare at the legs of dancing lady for a couple of (ten) seconds, ‘she’ is just in time to turn in an opposite direction!

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