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Chinese Lunisolar Calendar With Zodiac Fortune

How could I explain “luck” if I don’t believe in God? But, I can’t really prove there is God. Can you explain that to me?

Well, forget about the confusion and troublesome question here. If you’re a ‘fan’ of fortune or luck that predicted by Chinese Zodiac, here is a Chinese Lunisolar calendar with Zodiac fortune advice for your days!

This Chinese Lunisolar calendar is also useful to most typical Chinese who seeks the correspondence of Chinese Lunar calendar date in Gregorian calendar date. For example, to plan annual leaves for next Chinese New Year or the coming Qing Ming, Mid Autumn festival, etc.

Chinese Lunisolar Calendar for the convenient of finding Chinese Lunar date in Gregorian date and Zodiac fortune advice of the date.

I’ve just received this Flash animation today. My father found it really useful, as he’s so keen on Zodiac fortune notes.

Apart from that, when a mouse pointer rest on the Gregorian month, a pop-up displays the characteristics of respective Western Zodiac of the month.

Also, it reports some of the international festival / celebration too, e.g. Labor Day, Earth Day, etc.

So, I guess most of you will find this calendar useful as well:

Good luck to all of you and may all the best be with you!

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