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Glamour Of Prince Harry Completed With Real Battle

It was a shock to hear that Prince Harry was serving as front-line to fight the Taliban in Afghanistan, since the mid of last December before the Christmas!

The third line to the throne used to appear as party lover proves that he has enough bravery and high level of tolerance to sustain under austere living condition in war zone.

For example, the Prince hadn’t taken shower for four days and not shaves or wash clothes for days. There is no heating facility even the temperature at night could easily drop below zero degrees Celsius! When the Royal family gathered at Sandringham on Christmas day, Prince Harry had his goat curry for lunch in a former Taliban religious school.

While at the arena of battle, the Prince served as a battlefield air controller and spoke to the F15 jets with pseudo name “Widow Six Seven” (not really a good name to Chinese as 6-7 is synonym to “dick” in Cantonese).

Prince Harry in fieldPrince Harry is a trained soldier

Prince Harry with gun

Prince Harry in the camp

Prince Harry in the camp 2

Prince Harry firing gun

Prince Harry riding an abandoned bike

Prince Harry working inside a tank

Prince Harry working a tank

Source taken from and pictures are copyright of PA.

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