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Edison Chen Apologize In English For Nude Photo Scandal

After hiding for weeks abroad, Edison Chen finally appeared in front of Hong Kong news media in a formal press meeting.

Yellow man fcuking yellow girls but apologize in English for the whole session. Is that because he assumed audiences or people who have seen his astonished sex photo are all well in English?

So, the Hongkee and the rest of Asians who speak Cantonese and/or Mandarin might as well assume that
  • he thought that’s quite stylish by speaking in English
  • English is more formal and expressive than his mother tongue, i.e. “I’m Sorry” sounds better than “对不起”.
  • it’s hard for him to proceed his career in Hong Kong, and since the nude photos scandal has drawn so much echo from both traditional news medias and the Net, it’s better to speak an international language so that his real speech will not be wrongly (either without intention or purposely) translated for the Hollywood bosses who follow the big name of Edison Chen.

Well, for whatever reasons he might have, I personally think that he should at least say “对不起” as he is not real blond. Also, his “artworks” are not majority for the Western!

So, I doubt he apologized with sincere. What will you say?

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  1. 慧文 19-06-08 01:53

    I think he had always felt more comfortable speaking in English since his first language is probably English. Naturally, in times of difficulty and when the situation calls for him to explain himself to the world, he would feel much more comfortable speaking in English. Assuming your first language is Cantonese and you’re required to apologise in English after a scandal of this magnitude. wouldn’t it be very uncomfortable and difficult for you?