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The Best Hong Kong Movie 2008 – Buddy And Wife

Without blogger and Internet, without Microsoft Windows and IBM compatible PC, without Adobe Flash and movie editor software, only company or individual with enough funding could produce a movie.

But now, even Small Cheese with little or none financial support could come out the best creative movie for year 2008!

Buddy And Wife (兄弟之交 II – 兄弟芝娇), is a comedy movie co-directed by Stephen Chow, and star by Hong Kong Top Star 2008, Edison Chen, Gillian Chung and Nicholas Tse.

The comedy is believed a reality show that based on the recent Edison Chen sex scandal in Hong Kong entertainment industry.
Here are some of the dialogue extracted from the movie:

Nicholas Tse - Did you se x with my wife? 
Edison Chen - Those photos are not taken by me. Those are PS (Photoshop) by blogger!

Gillian Chung - Where are we going?
Edison Chen - I wish to bring you home?
Gillian Chung - Why?
Edison Chen - Nothing. I've just brought a new camera and thought to practice self-shooting with you.
Gillian Chung - Really? I love self-shooting too!

Gillian Chung - Got condom?
Edison Chen - Oh...I don't used to it!

Lucas Tse (son of Nicholas) - Mum, I want self-shooting! I want self-shooting!
Nicholas Tse - Baby, mum and Uncle Edison are professional self-shooter. When you grow up later, you may learn from them and play with Uncle Edison's daughter too!

Ok, enough bullshit, enjoy your movie now.

Buddy And Wife (兄弟之交 II – 兄弟芝娇) – Best Hong Kong Movie 2008:

Direct download Wive and Dude (兄弟之交 II – 兄弟芝娇) – Please save the get_video file with a flash video file extension, i.e. get_video.flv and get a flash player to play it.