Small Cheese

Unofficial Gillian Chung Red Eye Remix On YouTube

The show is not end even over 400++ intimacy photos of Edison Chen exposed to the Net.

Thank to the power of Internet and blogger. Without them, you won’t have seen so many “public writers / reporters” who keep on posting amazing follow-up, creative works, news, etc, that focus on Edison Chen sex scandal.

Here is another creative and unofficial new song for Gillian Chung, a remix of Twins Red Eye (眼红红), but renamed as Red Asshole (屎眼紅紅). It’s unofficial, so an unknown female vocal is singing the song, quite “cheap” and sarcastic!

Now, I’m really doubt that Twins can continue appears in front of her audience and fans, if Gillian Chung still be a member of Twins! (Maybe Grasshopper can help them to break the iceberg)!

The official Red Eye (眼红红) of the innocent Twins