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Gillian Chung Response To Her Lusty Photos

After two weeks of hiding, since the “speculative” photos of Gillian Chung and Edison Chen intimacy exposed on the Net, the HongKee Cantopop Twins finally appears in front of news briefing.

The top two YouTube flash video clips show Gillian Chung responses to two separate naked photo incidents – first incident happened in Genting Highlands concert (which was taken without her consent – so she appeared very sad and helpless in front of media) and the latest sex scandal about her intimacy with Edison Chen (now she appears calm and brave of what she had done??!!):

August 2006 – Gillian Chung response to her naked photos taken in Genting Highlands

February 2008 – Gillian Chung response to her sexual photos taken with Edison Chen
I doubt the “fans” standing behind Twins in this news briefing are real fans of the duo or they’re “fans” paid by the boss!

Other related video clips of Gillian Chung response to Edison Chen sex scandal:

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