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The Best 2008 Chinese New Year Dish By Edison Chen

To the Malaysian, Dr Chua sexy footage was the earlier scandal in the first day of 2008. To the Hongkee and those who follow the Chinese entertainment industry, Edison Chen sex scandal is also the first and most astonished “gossip / truth?” ever!

While family is looking forward to either CJ7 of Stephen Chow or Kung Fu Dunk of Jay Chow, guys and girls on the Net are endlessly chatting and searching for more Edison Chen related lusty photos.

Some creative “part-time advertisers” even help to promote the best 2008 ingredients for Chinese New Year dish, with the name of Edison Chen (taken from my Gmail junk):

Edison Chen Sausage – portable and delicious!

Edison Chen Sausage

Edison Chen Abalone from Gillian Chung – best for gift!
Edison Chen Abalone