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No More Twins of Gillian Chung And Charlene Choi

Gillian Chung first appearance after hiding two weeks, since her sex photos taken with Edison Chen appeared on last month.I think (and most of my friends) speculate that the chance of Twins (the Hong Kong Cantopop duo) breakup in 2008 is higher than ever – thank you Gillian Chung lusty photos taken with Edison Chen (she seems admit taken those photos, on her first appearance today after the astonished scandal reported last month).

Perhaps, the sweet and innocent photos of Twins will no longer in camera after 2008 (and the Twins Chinese New Year album for the Year of Mice – 最爱笑迎鼠 – will be last album of Twins)!

Hong Kong Cantopop duo - TwinsTwins - Hong Kong Cantopop Duo

What will happen after the Twins breakup?
These are just guesses of an ordinary people, who classified himself a member of “Small Cheese

While Charlene Choi continues to appear healthy and welcomed by sponsors and fans, Gillian Chung might be ousted as a result of her lusty impression.

After the split of Twins, probably there will be a new duo called L.E.GLusty Edison-Gillian!

Other than sing and rap, L.E.G could also be the ambassador to endorse the goods and products that promote sexual harmony, couple intimacy (e.g. thong and lingerie), sex-enhancement product (e.g. Tongkak Ali of Malaysia, Viagra of Prizer), safe-sex product (e.g. condom and birth-control pill – oh but suck, Edison Chen doesn’t like “dom”)

What else could you think of (the possibilities)? (The worst guess will be pop stars in lusty movies, as those directed by Wong Jing 王晶!)

  1. DeSTiNy 23-02-08 12:24

    ROFL <.<
    well, GG lar twins :(