Small Cheese

Stephen Chow CJ7 Is Ready At YouTube

136190, you’re the man! Without your endeavour to upload 10 pieces of CJ7 footage to YouTube, I won’t have seen Stephen Chow movie tonight at my own pace!

Yes. It’s true. The complete movie of Stephen Chow CJ7 is now online at YouTube. Although it’s a TS edition in Mandarin (believe being shot in China cinema), this is fine for “home preview”!

Stephen Chow new movie CJ7 has been completely uploaded to YouTube!
The complete pieces of CJ7 uploaded to YouTube by 136190. I don’t know who is 136910; I found these by searching YouTube with the keyword “CJ7”
Unlike the previous movies of Stephen Chow, CJ7 is not truly a comedy with lot of humour and laugh. Instead, it’s about touching and tears!

Hurry up, Small Cheese, enjoy yourself before the authorities deleted all these pieces of CJ7!

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