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Jolin Tsai Breast Matter – Before And After

I am NOT a fan of Jolin Tsai, but I do heard about many gossip related to her. One of the most excited is about Jolin Tsai’s breast matter!

This Gmail Junk attached with few pictures of her, seem to serve as evidence of Jolin Tsai’s plastics surgery for the amazing figure that she is showing us today!

Jolin Tsai size matter - before and after!

Jolin Tsai size matter - before and after!

Amazing figure of Jolin Tsai in concert

Is this the prove of plastics surgery?

Did Jolin Tsai conduct any kind of plastics surgery?

The different of Jolin Tsai breast - before and after

  1. Phoenix 25-06-08 00:08

    Hey retard, breasts grow as females age. Your comparing her younger pictures during puberty with when she has fully matured.

  2. Anonymous 01-12-08 07:37

    i thought of that too but you can’t exactly tell someone to get a picture of her when shes older WITHOUT the surgery (if she really did get it)
    that logic works though it does seem likely she got it

  3. Notafan 21-03-09 13:33

    Breasts do grow during puberty, but seriously, puberty doesn’t happen anymore when you hit 19!

    And, during puberty, growth is overall, (did she grew taller?) – the answer is nope! The changes are so cosmetic, nose becoming sharper, face becoming much sharper, and breasts that are oh-so-suddenly big. Have you ever seen her breasts juggling around despite dancing and moving around so much? Real big breasts move alot even when you’re walking.

  4. David Cox 30-03-09 07:00

    I think she looks great both before and after. The benefit of the surgery is that Tsai now wears sexier outfits than she did before.

  5. Nat 15-04-09 14:41

    I’m more a believer of her not having gone through a breast implant. This issue started popping up after her Magic album, when she joined Sony BMG. Around that period of time, she was filming the drama “Hi, Working Girl”. I recall several reporters pointing out that you will notice the gradual increase in the chest area as the drama goes on.

    Her other change, face getting sharper, I believe baby fat does go away as one ages. In her case, 19 and on. I still had baby at that age. And eventually began to lose it as I went into my 20s.

  6. neoneomilk 22-04-09 00:32

    Hello..please…jolin have grown up..from all the picture show, it must be edited..where we can see so obvious the surgical scar from there??the picture is blurred and we can’t see any line so clear and different in color tone so are the human being becoming so jealous with one famous artist..human will grown her face changing in shape..i also changing my face shape..did it do any plastic surgery??not!!!!

  7. Zoey Tao 19-07-09 07:54

    I never thought mostly the half of Asians people get plastic surgery.
    Mostly Asian females don’t really grow large ass or chest.
    I’m 100% Asian & I am mostly diffrent from them.
    But All I can say is that sometimes it’s can be in jeans.
    I still a 38-B Cup, with hips & Sometimes we just can’t get what we wanted!
    Belive I would know.
    I end up diffrently from all my parents.

  8. Sarah 05-01-10 02:39

    Wow, are half of these commentators retarded? She obviously had work done, look at the scars under her armpits that didn’t heal yet from the implant surgery!

  9. Me 11-02-10 05:42

    Yes, women grow, even at 19 years old, but it’s not possible to go from an A to a D! Especially when you don’t grow anywhere else.

    But I don’t think she got plastic surgery. She says she uses some special bra or something, that makes you go from an A to a C and a C to a G. And since she’s supposedly a G-cup, she’s actually a C-cup. But from those “after” pics, she looks like a D cup, which means she’s still probably an A or B cup. Plus, if she was a G cup, her boobs would be hanging all over the place >_o

  10. joanna 26-04-10 19:12

    jolin and show are not a goood pair
    and take a look she is beautiful before she change her face
    her baby face is soooo cute…
    may i ask something…before u became an artist at taiwan u ned to go on in some surgerys’ before u are accepted to became an artist

  11. Caroline Kosasih 08-06-10 16:48

    i’m not a big fan of tsai though..
    but i believe that jolin didn’t use any plastic surgery, and she was only do treatments that make her body, face and breast looks beautiful and sexy.
    everyone can grow up..
    and about that bra, that’s correct..
    there’s a bra that can make ur breast look definitely like a big boobs.
    even ur breast only A, it can make into D
    believe it or not, try to buy one, and prove it by yourself.

  12. Megan 06-07-10 16:39

    No you guys she only wears special bras, like padded ones :P plus in Ri Bu Luo video her boobs look tiny, can’t people tell that she has a special bra? jeez, and i think the Ma De Li Bu Si Yi video too. You guys aren’t smart :P

  13. HaTTed 13-08-10 18:50

    Stupid fools…. when female are born to have big breast, they’re will have it since young… is so impossible to grow out of the sudden, 2 years and the breast goes SO BIG? that’s all BULL SHIT…

    anyway just saw a mazg. and realise that she skin is real bad, not as smooth as it does on any MTV or pic/photos… and believe it or not, without mark up she looks sux…

  14. Jujubee 24-08-10 11:35

    Those scars under they armpits are probably to prevent sweating. To prove breast implants, they would be under the boob..where obviously you cant see it. Anyone who knows plastic surgery knows that. what would be the point in cutting at the armpits… so if you justify breast implants=scars on armpit then WRONG! i agree with the baby theory for her face… but her breasts… while… i went from a C to a D from high school and college. my friend went from a B to a D from taking birth control pills.. I’m taiwanese. it’s possible.

  15. kuro 08-10-10 10:01

    Looking at the 1st 4 pics…yep its way any girl can go from flat to big…unless she was around 10 yrs old in the 1st pics. birth control pills will enlarge “some” breasts also can make them tender like pregnancy……once you stop pills they’ll go back to normal….prolonged use can cause stroke/breast cancer and more permanent issues…also it would be like she was a drug addict…long term damage….

  16. Skuppy 11-10-10 10:53

    I enjoy Jolin songs though I wouldnt say i am a huge fan of hers. But looking at these pics, i have to leave this comment. I have the same set of armpit scars which look exactly the same because i had breast implants. I know the fear of having to lift my armpits up all the time for fear my scars will show and sometimes i have to use concealer to hide them if i know they are gonna be exposed. Hence, the whitish line that shows up in one of Jolin’s pics under different sort of flash.

    Seriously, why wouldnt a star have breast implants? Boob jobs are really common among the non-celebs let alone celebrities.

    It’s amazing how you people can be so naive to believe that she just grew up and grew pretty and grew boobs.

  17. Banbai 27-10-10 18:56

    Well, reserving judgment but folks there ARE such things as photoshop these days you know… and ive seen enough evidence of RIDICULOUS magazines that photoshop things and then tell stories about obvious lies. never understood who would want to read that shit. Dunno if jolin got implants or not but shes pretty either way ^.^b

  18. bull 01-11-10 22:00

    I am not a fan of Jolin, but u guys shld go here. As stated, skilled surgeons are able to make the scars unnoticeable unless under close observation.

    Obviously, photos will not be able to show such obvious scars. Jolin would spend as much money as possible if she got one so as to hide it. Also, she would be careful not to expose the scar so as to protect her image. Also, most scars will remain PINK AND FIRM for the first 6 weeks.

    If those scars are real, they would be the first six weeks of the surgery. If it is, the paragraph on the “first several months” says that the breasts are very sensitive and are easily injured.

    An album is not that quickly finished and Jolin always dances. Dancing and retakes of the MV are very strenuous and would harm her implant, which she would not do.

    Also, an album is done over quite some time, so if she had surgery, she would be dancing during the first month, which is not recommended. Also the picture of her album cover is obviously fake.

    If that is her real cover, she would have gotten it cut out by digital editing before they were released in the stores, as the album cover is reviewed several times. I do no think she had breast implants, but about other forms like injections, they are possible and actually IMO, most probably.

  19. Jolintsaifan 14-06-11 18:51

    Lol I’m a fan of jolin tsai :) she had an concert in Malaysia few days ago in the newspaper the found out that her breast went sideways and is out of shape so people realize and think that she did plastic surgery

  20. Jolinfan 19-06-11 17:56

    I’m a fan of jolin tsai. :) Okay, can your just stop guessing? Does it matter whether she had had plastic surgery? So, if yes, wad would happen? If no, wad would happen? People would definitely start spreading rumors yeah? Yeah, she might just wear special bras which made her boobs look bigger. Dun be so naive. How would you feel if people are saying all these about you? Have your thought of how Jolin would feel if she saw this?

  21. Jolinfan 19-06-11 17:58

    Anyway, she is pretty just the way she is ^^ And she will forever be this way ^^ Love her just the way she is <3