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Best Way To Preserve The Taste Of Scrambled Egg

I seldom cook for myself. But if I’m going to do, I must keep it simple – less complicated, no mad cleaning the mess after cooking, and preserve the taste of food!

So, here is the way that I made a scrambled egg for my wife and myself on the Sunday morning. It was so delicious – no joke!

Get ready four eggs in a bowl and adding reasonable seasoning – one spoon of Japanese rice vinegar and 1 spoon of light soya source.

Scramble eggs preparation - 4 eggs, 1 spoon of light soya source, 1 spoon of Japanese rice vinegar

Stir to mix the eggs and seasoning evenly until only the yellow yolks juice is seen.

Scrambled egg preparation - mix the eggs and seasoning evenly.

Pour in really little water into the saucepot and heat it with maximum power. Once the water is boiled, then only pour in the bowl of eggs juice and stir it quickly (don’t be slow) with a tablespoon (indeed, anything that you’ve in kitchen).

Scrambled egg preparation - put in little water and heating up the bowl with maximum power.

Keep scrambling until the eggs juice dried, the delicious scrambled eggs are ready to be served at a clean plate with some olive oil. (Remember to pour in some water to the heated source pot so as the cleaning can be easier later).

Mixed some olive oil to the scrambled eggs!

Pros: No oil added during cooking – free of oily steam and odour, leave only natural fragrant of cooked eggs!

Cons: Need some efforts to clean the eggs juice that heated on the surface of source pot.

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