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32716 Tells You The Meaning Of No Regret

32716 is not a lotto number; it was an American Idol tag wore by William Hung (an Asian American student study in civil engineering at University of California, Berkeley).

3 years ago, William Hung took part in the third season of the television series American Idol audition with Ricky Martin’s She Bangs. Without an outstanding look and being criticized by Simon Cowell for no singing and dancing skill, William Hung confidently replied with an impressive, motivated quote (which was then aroused many youth around the world to think about “no regret” in their life)!
Simon Cowell: “Thank you…thank you. You can’t sing. You can’t dance. So, what would you like to say?”

William Hung: “Amm…, I’ve already gave my best, and I’ve no regrets all!

William Hung original audition in the American Idol with Ricky Martin’s She Bangs
Have you ever thought about what you’ve done in your life that you can really say “no regret at all?”

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