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How To Resolve Infertility Towards Pregnancy

Rons’s Angels is one of Ron Harris business site that provides a controversial auction service.

…There are also millions of men from around the world who would love to have their genes combined with beautiful, healthy and intelligent women. Many men have substantial financial resources, yet are unable to find the genetic combinations that would impart beauty to their offspring. allows couple with infertility problem to bid an egg or sperms from good looking, healthy and smart human being!

Although this Ron Harris website assures that all of his donors are qualified with extensive medical exams at fertility clinic or hospital, no statement has been made to stop a “healthy” woman/man from joining the bid. And, it’s not a service for all walks of life – the egg recipients must proved “their” child will be born and grew up with a financially secure and stable life!

So, the bottom line suggests that everyone with recognized financial muscle can proceed to bid a “quality” egg/sperms in the hope that his/her child will be reaching the world with an expected look and intelligence.

On the other hand, capable guy or girl with financial crisis may also join as a donor at to relief their financial burden!

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