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How To Photograph Pretty Young Beauty

Ron Harris might be a stranger to many, but you’ve certainly caught one of his fashion/erotic photographs somewhere, sometimes.

…Ron Harris is considered by the main stream media to be one of the world’s experts on beauty – Time Magazine, Newsweek, US News and World Report, USA Today, Washington Post, New York Times, Boston Globe, EXTRA, Inside Edition, Paris Match, Gear Magazine, Glamour Magazine, Good Morning America, Today, CBS This Morning, 20/20, 48 Hours, Associated Press, Nippon Television, BBC documentary.

If you’re keen on photography, Ron Harris guide about How To Photograph Beautiful Girls might be one of your favourite bookmark.

Brief of Ron Harris photography guide on How To Photograph Beautiful Girls
  • Casting is the most important part of all photographs, i.e. get the right beauty for the theme.
  • Having a happy positive attitude or turn your model off, i.e. possess good EQ to coach beauty into position.
  • Understand your model and learn how to get from them what you need.
  • Dress your model and make her feel beautiful, no matter how awful they are.
  • Don’t take chance to ignore hair stylist and makeup artist.
  • Infuse your model with the potential of getting great photos by showing them what a professional photographer is doing all along the way and show her each set of photo you shoot before going to the next set.
  • Professional photographers spend their time on the things that matter and it’s not about the best camera. (Ron Harris is using Canon 20D/Canon 5D and Metz strobe)
  • Shooting as fast as possible (so as not to bore the model) and spend a day or two choosing the best shoot from each set.
  • In the advertising world in NYC, a photo retoucher can spend days on one photo. There is no one photo in any advertisement that has not had hours of retouching. The art of retouching is to make it look like it has not been retouched.
  • True art always has a new way of looking at the world we live in. So rule one is it must be unique and show us the world in a way that helps us understand the human condition.
  • Be original – lying, cheating and stealing are mostly the reasons be the failure of photographers (so as blogger).

So, take your time to study Ron Harris photography guide (and beat him if you think you can…)

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