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Really Cool EXT JS WordPress Theme

Mark Ghosh blog about Ext JS WordPress theme!

W.Regenczuk who develop this really cool WordPress theme that makes WordPress powered blog appears as if it’s an application running in Windows or Linux Desktop, similar to Meebo web IM!
The theme author said that Ext JS library dresses web applications with good look and feel. Somehow, the Ext JS theme “releases” blog readers from thinking about the “look and feel” – it allows readers to read the content in peace!

The AJAX web interface is rock and intuitive that could attract my view (so as you, I believe)!

What features are available in Ext JS WordPress Theme?
  • 2-column fluid layout (sidebar styled to right-hand side),
  • Beautiful, real application Ext JS styles,
  • Intensive Ajax functionalities,
  • Jozef Sakalos Accordion for sidebar layout,
  • Displays search results as you type in Quick Search (site search) text box,
  • Widgets and tags enabled,
  • WordPress 2.3 ready (already with Tag Cloud)

Really cool EXT JS WordPress theme with Windows Vista color theme and intensive AJAX functionalities.

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