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How To Survive From A Falling Lift

I’d really thought about how to survive from a falling lift and the answer sound logical (to me) but not practical to most people (including myself).

Guess what? I’ll try to jump up before the lift hitting to the ground, so as to avoid the fatal impact from breaking my spine. But, could I (or you) catch the good timing?

Now, the Gmail Junk that I was reading just now suggests these few rescue tips to survive one from a deadly falling lift (believe it or now?):
  1. Try to press all the floor numbers, starting from the ground floor and all the way up. [This is useful only if the electricity suddenly restored to stop the falling lift at floor number that you’ve pressed.]
  2. Try to catch the banister or rail attached to the wall of lift. [This helps you to avoid tumble or trip when the lift pulled back.]
  3. Stand straight and align your body to attach the wall of the lift. [Hopefully the inner wall is able to protect the vulnerable human backbone!]
  4. Squat or bend half the knee. [Of course, this will break the ligament and/or legs but will save the backbone or spine that is vital to keep alive.]

So, what do you think? Personally, I’ll suggest that if I can’t think of learn some better solutions, what’s wrong to keep this survivor guide in memory, at least for now.

Thus, if you found this tip useful, pass it on to friends who you know. Please also don’t mind to say something if I’m stupid enough!

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