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Why You Need Toilet Seat Covered

Again, another forwarded junk in my Gmail.

If you used to flush the toilet bowl immediately upon complete shitting or pee pee, so why you need to have a toilet seat cover for the toilet bowl?

Probably you (so am I) will think that we need a toilet seat covered so as to stop the infants or kids from crawling into the bowl and get drowned. Or, it’ll helps to prevent belongings from falling into the toilet bowl.

Well, the junk has better moral answer which I never seriously think of. Though, I can’t tell it’s true, but it sounds logically true. And in fact, it’s not really difficult to adopt the idea!

The article quoted the experts as saying that people should close or cover the toilet bowl before flushing. That’s because at the time of flushing, the virus and/or bacteria will be blown up to everywhere!

Imagine that happen in your master-room toilet, where normally bathroom and washroom sharing in one cubicle – the teeth brush, the wall, the resting room, the bed, etc, will be badly contaminated!

So, do remember to cover up the toilet bowl before pressing the flush button! After all, there is no harm to follow. Otherwise, the existing toilet seat cover might be really underutilized!

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