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Why So Exiciting About The Hello World

To most computer students, “Hello World” has never to be a stranger.

It used to be a representative example of every programming introduction course!

Unless being the king of idiot, every programmer should be able to code and compile the Hello World program in few seconds.

Due to its irreplaceable standard, the WordPress developers also keen on initializing every new weblogs powered by WordPress with a post sample that titled as “Hello World”!

Although the preparation of groundwork to set up had never been a few minutes job, it’s really a few seconds work to get a very first pseudo writing appears in the Net, start from the point of executing wp-admin/install.php!

It’s really cool, as it signals the born on this date. Rather than simply deleting it, I choose to keep this post address and rewrite the content on my own for my memory!

The born of weblog with WordPress 2.3

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